Our Mission

Would you like to hear and see Korimako (Bellbirds) in your garden?

So would we, but our Native Wildlife is under daily attack from pests that have been introduced into their environment.

Pest Free Warkworth was started with the aim of removing pests so our Native Wildlife can flourish.

We love living in the Warkworth Area.

We have grown up here, worked here, raised families here. This is our home and we feel a great responsibility to look after this land for future generations.

Our aim is for the Warkworth Area to be Pest Free by 2050.

This is completely achievable but we can’t do it without YOU!

Here you will find information and resources on how you can help us and we always love hearing from you. Get in contact via the details below and share your efforts in helping us to make Warkworth Pest Free.

Happy Trapping!

The Pest Free Warkworth Team